So this morning I woke up speaking on how blessed I felt and better things on the horizon to come, and I read of Blake Nordstrom passing away I’ve worked for Nordstrom for over 21 years and have had the pleasure of meeting and talking to several members of this great family I remember the first hug Blake gave me when I attended my first Corp Pacesetters trip to Miami which my mom came with as my guest Blake came over and shook my hand and then sat down at our table and introduced himself to my mom and they had a very long conversation, at the time my mother was in a wheelchair so she wasn’t to mobile that moment had and still has stayed with me, I am proud to say that I’ve been apart of this Nordy family as an employee for over two decades. To the Nordstrom family we will miss Blake very much he was a power house that always has that smile and always remembered who you were! Our prayers will be with you Rest In Peace Blake ❤️🌹

Andrea Freeman