I opened the store at Somerset Collection and worked Nordstrom for 14 years, always loved it and miss it still! Blake was a compassionate and caring leader who I met many times over my career.
When my niece was killed in a tragic car accident, I was away for a couple of weeks….. in a fog I returned back to my Cosmetic Manager job to find that we would be having a visit from Blake (and Bob!) the next day. I was stressed a bit to say the least!
I was so nervous as they approached my floor. Having been away, my assistants briefed me on team and business etc but I felt way off of my game. Blake had been made aware of my situation and pulled me aside into the hard aisle to ask how I was doing, how was my family, and to offer sincere condolences. He told me to take my time coming back, rely on my team, and to be there for my family because that was most important. I felt such a sense of relief and cried in front of him.
A year or so later when Blake visited again, he remembered me and again asked how my family was and thanked me for jumping back in to work.
I’ll never forget his kindness!!
Thinking of his family, as well as his work family, who have suffered such a tremendous loss.❤️

Deanna Nellenbach