I have been with Nordstrom for 17 years. During that time, I have seen and interacted with Blake, Pete, and Erik often because they are always speaking at our company update and recognition meetings and are always approachable, even when passing them on the street. I guess one thing that has dawned on me since Blake’s passing is that I have maybe taken that for granted. I was in 803 two weeks ago and Mr. Bruce got into the elevator with us. He smiled and engaged us and once the elevator opened, he held the door for us. About 30 minutes later, I passed Mr. Bruce, Blake and Erik leaving the 6th floor and of course they acknowledged me and we exchanged greetings and smiles. I was really taken back to the reason why I have been with Nordstrom for 17 years. The Nordstrom family is a rare breed that truly exemplify humility, thankfulness and integrity. I will remember the casual interactions like Blake and me on the elevator together discussing how hot the weekend had been and how our dogs were not happy campers. My heart has been warmed reading all of the tributes to Blake and I had to say thank you to Blake and the Nordstrom family for creating a company that I have wanted to work at for 17 years. And for always personifying servant leadership and integrity. The company they have created has changed my life and I will always be grateful.

Todd Tuttle