I worked at Nordstrom for a year or two. In that time a mistake was made with my health insurance and although I was 25 years old my mother being the mama bear she was took over. She went right to the top and email Blake himself. He responded immediately as though my mother was someone he knew. He treated the issue with the urgency and respect as he would with family member. As just a sales associate I didn’t expect much to come from an email my mom sent someone so high up, I honestly thought he wouldn’t even see it. He immediately responded apologizing for the mistake, explaining how ashamed and embarrassed he was. He fixed the issue immediately and made me feel like I wasn’t just working for a company. He made me feel as though I was working for a family owned business and that I was seen and heard. Prior to that experience I say Blake as a “head honcho”, he was so much more than that. He was a loving, caring man, and he truly thought about and considered every single Nordstrom “family” member, down to the last sales associate like me. What he did for me was just a small gesture but I will never forget it. Thank you Blake for being such a humble, down to earth, and incredible human being. You made me, the little fish, feel heard in such a large ocean of fish and that matters. Blake is a man that I will never forever and what I learned from is character in just this one interaction is something I will carry with me and strive to share the rest of my life.

Molly Pfeifer