As many others, I have only had the pleasure of meeting Blake once in the 12+ years I have worked for the Company. Shortly following the completion of a remodel for the entire store, including shoes going from single/classic presentation to boxed, Blake visited. While walking the floor with myself (Shoe Manager), Store Manager, and one other Blake called into question the flow of the Shoe floor. He politely expressed that he did not believe the flow made sense to the customer. As I listened to Blake, my Store Manger and another discuss the flow and what would or would not make sense, Blake turned to me and asked what I thought. ” (my name) you work with the customers on a daily bases what do you think would make the most sense?” First, honored that he took time to remember my name from being introduced hours earlier to multiple employees through out the store and 2, he asked what I thought; which may seem trivial but made a huge impact on me, and my perspective of great leadership.
When I met Blake it was approximately 4 years ago; however, even early in my leadership with the Rack, just shy of 10 years, I would use the saying, “what would Blake do?” thousands of times. Whether it was myself personally dealing with a customer situation or teaching others how to view any situation. “If Blake Nordstrom were to receive a call from a customer and the customer, verbatim, shared how you handled the situation what do you think Blake would say? Do you think he would be proud that you represent the Nordstrom name or would he have suggested another way to rectify the matter?” When in doubt, ask yourself what Blake would do and I bet 99% of the time he would want us to take care of the customer.
I can only imagine how many others have utilized the “What would Blake do?” Asking this question and sharing it with others has saved me and I imagine others more times than I can count.
I am honored that I was able to meet Blake. Thank you Blake!!!!

Amber Slater