I had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with Blake during numerous store visits as a Department Manager. When he walked around, Blake always looked as if he was at Disneyland. He was excited to meet customers and team members. Blake had an infectious smile and he was very focused on whoever he was conversing with. I loved his focus on servant leadership and how he exemplified in his actions that he truly believed in it.

I admired his high standards for the business. When he spoke about excellent customer service and how we need to be thankful for our customers, I could feel for his passion for the business and for our customers.

One thing that stood out to me, at our last recognition meeting this past spring with Blake, he said something that made me tear up. He said that he really appreciated Department Managers and he knows how hard we work. He reiterated that he wanted us to spend time with our families for the holidays and that it was important to him. He said it so genuinely and everyone at the meeting commented how much that meant to them.

It’s not every day you come across a CEO that wants to shake your hand and get to know you, or that truly cares about the customer and the business. He is truly a role model on how to be an excellent leader, coach, and a truly good human being that cares about others.

Mai Siddiqui