Be Like Blake

On January 4th I was working late at store, 380. It was getting way past closing time and they were not releasing us. People were getting upset and angry and were just uncertain what was happening. It had been a long day of returns and not so many sales after the holiday.

I kept thinking…what would Blake do? What if I was to adopt the attitude ‘Be Like Blake’ in every situation where I don’t really feel like giving the best customer service.

What I learned about Blake was that he was tremendously KIND and Giving to everyone. He wanted to know about people. He knew that life was all about our relationships.

I don’t know why we didn’t close on time, maybe someone was buying an outfit for a funeral or a wedding or maybe it was a movie star or an inconsiderate person just not aware of the time. According to Blake, it doesn’t matter. Every person has the right to be treated the same, equal.

So as I reflect everyday and try to ‘Be Like Blake’ think like Blake, and do like Blake, I will remember a great man whom many adored and desired to live like he lived…with kindness for all.

Every time I am tired, frustrated, or not feeling like I want to give the customer the benefit or doubt I will think to myself. Be Like BLAKE.

Maybe everyone could adopte this in honor and in the memory of Blake.


Shelley Nash
Nordstrom Family since 2000

Shelley Nash