Shocked, devastated and heartbroken…we will always remember where we were and what we were doing the moment we heard of Blake’s passing this week. Such a tremendous loss for everyone who’s life he impacted. It’s inspiring to read all the heartfelt and thoughtful “Blake” encounters and stories. It’s clear…he was a true gentleman, a loyal friend, an inspirational leader and most importantly a devoted family man. The greatest tribute to his memory would be for all of us to continue to follow his extraordinary example. Always smile, be kind, compassionate, thoughtful, honest, present and aware. Continually value the ideas and opinions of others, listen, show appreciation, make time for them and help them. In other words…BE LIKE BLAKE!!

I’ve had several encounters with Blake over the years. Always great, always positive! The most memorable moment was when he approached me a couple of weeks after I made All Star. He congratulated and thanked me for my dedication, hard work and commitment to providing outstanding customer service. I will never forget how he made me feel. Thanks Blake for leaving an indelible impression on my life. I’m am forever grateful to you. It’s been a pleasure to work for you and your family for the past 30 years! God bless your sweet wife and kids along with the rest of the entire Nordstrom family.