Though I never met Blake in person, he made a meaningful, positive impact that had major significance at a critical moment in my life. While most were running away from me as if from a blazing fire, Blake ran toward me in a moment when I was down and literally out. I had sent Blake an email from my personal email account after I had resigned my job in a fit of righteous, principled anger. I wanted to at least try to let Blake know what was being experienced in this company that has been built by generations of the Nordstrom family and therefore, imbibed with meaning. My opinion was that there was a lack of integrity between the values of the Nordstrom Inverted Pyramid and a policy change that had been enacted in my area. Needless to say, Blake did respond to the email sent from my personal account. Blake’s response was caring and bold all at once. He said that the policy change had been communicated in error and asked HR to reach out to me to see if I might return to my job. I was shocked in the most delightful and energizing way I had ever experienced. Blake’s actions those years ago were of great meaning to me and restored my faith in goodness. Blake will always be my hero and I owe him a debt of gratitude. I think of him and the Nordstrom family when I work to provide the best service possible to my customers. Blake is leaving us so much better than he found us because of who he was and what he did as a man of great character, compassion and integrity.

Jackie Leone