I have so many memories of Blake throughout my career with Nordstrom. He was the most intense, intuitive, and genuine leader – who also loved to have fun.
I’ll never forget one time when we visited the Fashion Place store when I was managing. We had lunch with a group of managers when one leader mentioned “we just page Stephani when we need something”. Blake looked at me and asked – “Stepani do you make them call you every time they want to move a fixture 3 inches?!” The rest of the afternoon as we were walking the store he would run to a cashwrap, pick up the phone and page me. He would just laugh when I picked up the phone!
Point well taken to trust the leaders more to make decisions!
We have lost an incredible leader, who always put people first. I have been reflecting so much over the past few days of the many Blake interactions and the many things I have learned from him. I’m feeling more inspired than ever to make Blake proud by ensuring my profound learning from him is executed daily. I am so grateful for the great legacy that he has left.

Stephani Edmunds