I will always remember a story Blake told at an all hands meeting about dropping off one of his children at school. One of the kids asked him if he was one of the Nordstrom Brothers. To which he answered yes. With a follow up from the child asking if he was famous. It was a funny story in the telling of it and it spoke to Blake’s humble nature as he thought this child’s question was hilarious. I wrote to his brothers to remind them:
Immortality could be conceived as somehow exceeding one’s death even though one dies. Being remembered, shaping institutions, leaving works behind, and procreating participated in immortality according to Diotima.
Blake has a legacy that lives on in all of us and the Nordstrom institution. He achieved in equal measure to his goodness the great fortune of affecting so many which makes it possible for his inspiration, leadership and humanity to persist beyond the conclusion of his mortal life.
This is a privilege for few human beings. So, I believe it is a testimony and reward for his life well lived.

Bill Presnell