Blake’s memorial was beautiful – thank you so much Nordstrom Family for giving us all an opportunity to say good-bye. Hoping to keep the thought of “extending myself” in my heart daily. A great memory of Blake – several years ago I was in the audience of a Puget Sound Business Journal Live interview & Blake was being interviewed. It was the first time I’d heard Blake speak to others outside a Nordstrom event. His answers and the way he spoke made me once again so proud to work for him. It was a small venue and did not see many Nordies in the audience – my husband was encouraging me to go up & introduce myself to Blake, but I was too shy. The next morning at work I summoned the courage to write Blake an email thanking him for the great evening & telling him how much I enjoyed it. About 1 minute later my phone rang, “this is Blake” – I was so SUPRISED! He said he just read my email & he was going to email me back, but then thought he’d just call me. He said, “that email really made my day & today’s my birthday.” I replied, “no way, it’s my birthday too!” (it really is on Oct 4th just like Blake’s). I extended myself that morning and had a great experience and I will make it a daily goal to continue to extend myself. Thank you Blake – will miss you very much! Sincerely, Kristin Grant (Skartvedt) NPG 29 years

Kristin Grant