Blake was a great leader who’s values and commitment to Nordstrom as a company will never be forgotten. I wish I had a cool Blake story, but all I have is the first walk I had with him as a DM when I asked him if he wanted to go to a Beyonc√© concert with me and he said no. (STRANGE!) Or the next walk when I was helping a customer with a coat before he came on my floor. I told the customer “See that man over there, that’s Blake Nordstrom and in a minute he is going to walk over here and want to talk to me.” She said word for word, “That’s great but I don’t care who he is. You are nice and I need you to help me find a coat RIGHT NOW!” So… I didn’t get a chance to walk my floor with him that day. As soon as I finished helping the customer with her coat, I ran upstairs to the Caf√© just to let him know why I didn’t walk with him. He looked at me and said I don’t know why you’re explaining yourself, you were taking care of the customer, I’m just here to talk. A true example of a leader. During my 8 years at Nordstrom I have dealt with a lot of hard loses including my grandparents, and mother. I (and my twin sister who also works for Nordstrom) have leaned on our Nordstrom family truly more than our own family. I hope that the Nordstrom family and friends can lean on us in their time of grieving and find comfort in knowing Blake will be truly missed and the impact he had on SO many people just by being himself. Thank you Blake, may you rest in peace.

Lindsey Marvin, 221 Oakbrook