I can remember my very first Rec meeting. I just graduated FNL and it just so happened Blake was our guest speaker. Well my store manager challenged us to come up with an impacting question to present to Blake and she would look it over to make sure the question was original and well thought out. I cant quite remember what my approved question was, but what I do remember is Blake gesturing in my direction that I in fact had the floor, ” Okay this is our final question what do you have for me,” I went blank…. We had an awkward stare for what seemed hours and then I said it, ” Hello Blake, I have come to understand, “Nordstrom is fashion,” but when I look at our Plus Size departments it is far from that. Many of our full figured customers are disappointed at our selection and I know we can do better,” Blake looked at me, tilted his head, smiled, crossed his arms and said, ” I’m sorry what is your name?” I said Melissa, he then said, “Well Melissa I don’t have a definite answer but what i do know is that, the Plus market is very up and down in selection, please send me an email and ill see what I can do.” I did just that and about a year later I began to notice how our House brands began to have more options, years after that Melissa McCarthy, Catherine Malandrino were now options as well. I don’t personally know how much influence Blake had on the shift in Plus. But what I will forever believe is that he heard a new FNL graduate who went against the grain and asked a real question.
Thanks Blake!!!!