As a young BP salesperson, it’s intimidating enough to have a Nordstrom as your store manager! But then at store opening to know more Nordstrom’s are coming, was just really nerve wrecking. Then you meet Blake who was so easy to talk to, he asked us questions, and you absolutely didn’t feel like his name was on the outside of the building. That was my experience back when we opened Menlo Park. I met my husband at Nordstrom and he went on to grow in various leadership roles and developed a great working relationship with Blake and he was a great mentor to him! Something that always stood out to me was when my husband traveled and would call me after openings, galas, dinners, etc where he would spend some time with Blake, he ALWAYS asked about our family! He wanted updates and to see pictures. I know what that meant to my husband. That isn’t something you can teach. To be a great leader and care enough about the people in your company to really take time to talk to them about their lives and family is a wonderful testament to the kind of person Blake obviously was. To see all the comments and stories clearly shows he was not only a great leader but a great person. Grateful for the chance to meet him and for the part he played as a mentor to my husband.

LaShon Davis