Just less than a year ago I was one of a few lucky managers to have lunch with Blake during a visit. I wanted to get to know him on a personal level so I asked him this, “how would you want to be remembered?” He took a moment to think. His answer didn’t shock me, it solidified what I thought of him. He said “I want to be remembered for my loyalty, integrity, and for being a family man.” He also mentioned he wished he spent more time with his children but hoped they knew he spent his time building something for their future. When others asked what we were talking about he joked that we had just wrote his obituary. It was a joke then, but now I’m glad he gave me this. And right after, still laughing, he said to all lunch guests “let’s order every dessert and share them all!”
He was a giant in retail, in wisdom, and in inspiration. But he was a man who was humble, inclusive, and wanted to do right by us all – customer, employee, family. Thank you, Blake, for treating us all like a Nordstrom.

Sam Lowry