Very saddened to hear of this shocking news of the passing of Blake Nordstom. Both he and his brothers were guiding lights spreading the Nordstrom values and culture to every place they went. The Nordstrom Way Of valuing people, both customers and employees was personified authentically from the top. Their ideals permeated all corners of the company. Their thinking and business practices had a deep and long lasting impact on how I personally conduct myself. No matter what company I have worked for…I have always used Nordstom as my benchmark in making decisions. I’ll never forget his smile and friendly demeanor. The first time I met him was when he toured my new shoe department at a opening. He leaned over. Reached out his hand and said “hi Jim! I’m Blake!” Then proceeded to ask my opinion on products and the market in Indy, etc. Blake is one of these leaders who personified servant leadership. Not just in theory but in reality. The Nordstom family had a uncanny way of making all their employees feel like family.

Although I’m long removed from Nordstom.. I can honestly say that Nordstom is not long removed from me.

My prayers are with the Nordstom family. The blood family and also the company family. RIP Blake Nordstrom.

Jim Sullivan