Brought me to tears hearing about Blake.My self having similar health issues the last couple years and being a 30 year employee at Nordstrom really struck me. Not only did Blake assist in hiring me way back then, he was my football coach when I was in grade school for two years. I can vividly rememember Blake driving into Island Crest Park in a Jeep and a Datsun 240z, probably just got his drivers license. He looked happy behind the wheel.Blake was helping however he could with enthusiasm. Thinking back he seemed as mature as the parent coaches. A definite natural leader, coach by nature. By the way we were undefeated those two seasons. Blake was a car guy. He was friends with the older brother of my friend, they would always be looking at car magazines. Blake was always friendly. I hope the family is healing with time. Let’s keep working hard for Blake.

Mike Williams. ( Northgate)