Dear Mr. Blake, You’re genuine honest smile and you’re Big Heart, always and will ever inspire me too work hard and excel in your Nordstrom Family Business not only now, but for years too come in my Great Nordstrom Company Career. Blake, I have enjoyed and continue too Love this Great Wonderful Best Nordstrom Company Ever!! Blake I remember meeting you a few times in my thirty year Nordstrom women’s shoe career, Store 32 Murray, Utah. Blake I wanted too tell you thank you too you and you’re wonderful professional Nordstrom Family. Blake, I have learned so much from your Nordstrom Leadership and you’re family too! Blake, I remember you teaching not only me, but all the new Nordstrom Sales Associates in Dallas, Texas store 723 NorthPark before the New Store Nordstrom 723 Grand Opening about the Nordstrom Customer Service Too Our Customers. Blake, you will be truly missed by you’re wonderful Nordstrom Leadership and Honesty too me personally and too all those who Love You! With Love, You’re Friend Always Blake! Matt Blackham!

Matt Blackham