It took me a few nights of posting on the social media outlets after your passing, and now 10 days later expressing my feelings here. Before writing my thoughts, I stared at my blank tv and looked at the pictures I posted on Linked In, FB and IG to begin.

I am so lucky to have met you and for you to be a leader in my life for Nordstrom and outside of work. You are the reason everyday why I am in NYC pushing the business after the 3,000 mile trip from Sunny Southern California. I just wanted to thank you again for everything and that you will always be on angel above me and guiding me through good times and bad.

A quick story I wanted to share was when we were in NOLA for the Top Seller Trip and you decided to sit at our table for the dinner. Most people would be scared but our table was like it is an honor for the President to sit with us. We all had great talks over dinner but the best part was when it was time for dessert and they did a big show for us with fire and all the Bourbon Street antics. I will never forget that you were the first person in line for that dessert and how much you told us that you were waiting all night for the ice cream and cake and the filet and lobster was just okay…….

I love you and your entire family!!! Alex, please come and give me a hug when you are back in Manhattan!!!

Check my photos on Linked In!!!!

Josh Crossen