I did not really know Blake Nordstrom personally…but I had a couple of limited interactions with Blake and he was indeed a gentleman and I can tell he really did care about employees by our conversations.
My favorite memory is when we use to have Prayer Potluck at the flagship store downtown Seattle ran by Ozzie Williams the official Door Man at store 01 at that time,
(He has since gone on to Glory)
It was a Big-to do…
Once a year a couple of weeks prior to Thanks Giving there were
tons of dishes of food brought in by the Nordstrom prayer team and guest – turkey, ham, sweet potato pies you get the gist….hot plates and utensils catered by our own employee cafeteria, outside guest from various churches and choirs, tons of employees and friends would gather in the JWN room all united in prayer, all put together by Ozzie with the support of the prayer team that was established by Ozzie which was all sanctioned by – you guest it Blake Nordstrom, he would pop in and grab a plate of food and visit with with all the employees and guest with that Great Big smile of his. What comes to my mind when reading all these wonderful memories about Blake Nordstrom by others and my own experience with him is
“Mighty Man of Valor”
3 distinctive characteristics: Strength, Courage, and Passion, and from the outpour of admiration and love that I have witnessed tells me he did possessed them all.
My sincere condolences to the family.
Thank You Blake Nordstrom for the awesome privilege of prayer in a corporate setting.
May you RIP.