I had the pleasure of meeting Blake at my first Recognition Meeting Oct. 29, 2015 at Store 772 (Phipps Plaza). I had only been a part of the Nordstrom family, Store 760 (Perimeter Mall), for nine months and at the time was a part of the Fall FNL Program. I was so nervous because I didn’t know what a Rec. Meeting was or what it consisted of. But seeing so many people from all over the region representing other stores, made it an exciting experience. People there dressed to impress, the music, the lights, and so much movement made me feel a little overwhelmed. Right before the meeting began I saw Blake walk in and he was being directed to his seat. As he was going to sit down, he spoke to a few people that approached him. Even though I was feeling shy I knew I needed to introduce myself to Blake. So I got up, starting walking over, and before I reached my hand out, he pointed at my skirt, and said “Hi, I’m Blake! You love polka dots too?!” Who would’ve known that he loved shapes and objects! Our conversation was so funny that he laughed during our selfie session. He was so kind and you could tell that he brought comfort and confidence to his people because he genuinely cared. Thank you Blake for making someone who was new to Nordstrom feel important in that moment and making a personal connection with me just like I know you did for so many others.

Keisha Garr