Like many, I will always remember his genuine smile.
It’s so hard to describe this feeling but I guess it’s just because this is the world Nordstrom has created for its employees. A work environment where the fourth-generation, name-on-the-building President feels more like a family member than an executive.
I’ve worked at Nordstrom for almost 16 years, just shy of half my life. I met my husband at Nordstrom. I’ve fostered life-long friendships with co-workers and created deeply meaningful relationships with people I respect more than I can explain. I have had incredible experiences and built a beautiful life because of the opportunities this company has afforded me.
The culture of Nordstrom was not only built by the Nordstrom family but is emulated by each of them, every single day. Blake exuded such humility and kindness- you just wanted to make him proud. You wanted to show him you appreciated what he was trying to do for our customers and believed in our unified cause.
I’m grieving more than I realized was possible for someone who’s not technically my family- but I guess that’s just what it means to be a Nordstrom employee. We are more than co-workers – we ARE family. My heart is broken for Blake’s wife, children, brothers and dad. Sending all the love I have to the family of the man who lived ‘leave it better than you found it’ every single day. ❤️

Victoria Ayres Slane