#MyBlakeStory Five years ago, I graduated college, moved home and had no idea what career path to take. So, I joined Nordstrom to save money to travel. A year after selling Men’s Shoes at our Portland, Oregon store. I moved to Seattle to work at our flagship store and soon joined our Future Nordstrom Leaders program. The last day of our program. Blake asked us all to meet him in the next room after a recognition meeting. There, he answered any questions we had for him. While doing so, he stood there with the biggest smile on his face the whole time. Each answer was motivating, fulfilling, encouraging, he made us all feel appreciated, important, GOOD. Because of him, in that very moment I knew I wanted to work for this company and will forever always look up to Blake. Five years later, I now live in New York City and helped open the first ever Nordstrom here. Because of Blake, he paved my career path. This is only one tiny example of how he has made an impact on someone’s life. If it wasn’t for Blake that day, I would not be here today. Thank you Blake, we will all miss you.