I will never forget the worry that I felt after reading the email from 12/10/18, but Blake was optimistic, so I was optimistic. Like all of you, I was stunned and heartbroken when I heard that he died. I’ve worked for Nordstrom since 1976 and so enjoyed seeing Blake work his way up through the company. I always felt so lucky whenever I got to see him, with the last time being part of the tour that Blake gave us of the men’s room near his office, as some others have mentioned in their memories – it was indeed a great memory! I got a handwritten note from Blake for my 40th Anniversary with the company and it made my day. Blake knew how important it was to recognize people and treat them with kindness. My deepest condolences to Molly, his children, Mr. Bruce, Pete, Eric and the entire family – what a tremendous loss they have suffered.

Dana Evans