There have been so many incredible memories shared about Blake and his legacy. I have found it both inspiring and comforting to read these. Many have shared the professional lessons Blake has taught them over the years. In my 32 years at Nordstrom I too have been blessed with many of those same learnings and challenges that pushed me to be better for our customers and our employees.

What always struck me most about Blake was his ability to say exactly the right thing when you needed it the most. When I look back at the milestones in my life; my marriage, a promotion, a reorganization and a death in my family all of these were personal, happy and some very sad. As I remembered Blake this past week what stood out is that within days of each of these I would happen to see him, some of these he was aware of and others he had no idea. At each of these important times for me he was there to say something that lifted me or challenged me and for that I will be forever grateful.

When you talk to Nordstrom employees we are always quick to say how fortunate we are to work for the Company. Blake was always quick to say how they were fortunate to have us at the Company, not a day went by that you did not feel that from him.

Thank you for your leadership Blake.

Laura Janney