I have too many Blake stories where I eventually say something ridiculous followed by Blake smiling, laughing, or shaking his head. I would take any of those reactions right about now.
But the most important moment for me in my career was when Blake visited our stores in St. Louis in the winter of 2015. Those were challenging years in STL, for many reasons, and personally I was feeling my confidence waver. Blake sat across from me in my office and leaned in, as he does, and said “You are doing the right things, you have the right instincts, just keep going. Narrow your focus on just a few things and keep it simple Kristy” I had been given this advice from Brent Harris, my mentor, as well but to receive this from Blake in that moment was all I needed. Just 6 months later our team won Anniversary Cup for the MW and the Company (for our store level) and I found myself moving on to my current store @nordstromkc where I think of Blake and Brent’s words on the daily. ❤️
I just returned from Seattle where I was reminded of how Blake’s influence ripples through the entire Nordstrom Family and the City. I took a walk to the market and stood out looking at the beautiful Puget Sound where I made a promise to myself to do my best with everything Blake taught me.
Thank you Blake, I’ll make sure to send love and strength to your beautiful family. ❤️

Kristy Anderson