When I received Blake’s email in early December sharing with the company his cancer diagnosis, it came as a surprise. I kept the email in my inbox, because I wanted to send him a note. But then I was afraid I’d say something, and it’d come off not as I’d intended. In the end, I never sent a note before hearing of his passing. I don’t want to let another moment go. Life, as I’ve been humbly reminded, is too precious and short.

I’ve worked with Nordstrom starting straight out of college. I never imagined working with any company so long! My life has taken unexpected turns but I’m grateful for them as I consider it was a real blessing to have had my path cross with his. Of the few interactions I had with Blake, I’ll always remember his great smile. Aside from being friendly and approachable to everyone here, I will remember him for his dedication to continuing his family’s legacy building Nordstrom. I so admired he remembered names, and he truly cared about those around him. Blake will be missed. He was a great leader and example. One who I very much respected. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and loved ones.

Amy Shoemaker Pepper