Although I worked for Nordstrom only four years, I had the pleasure of opening two stores, Park Meadows #34 and Perimeter Atlanta #760. As a Gift Gallery manager, I was always humbled and thrilled when the Nordstrom gentlemen would come to visit, especially Blake.
He had a way of making you feel part of HIS team. He didn’t bark orders. He was interested in your business and how to make you more successful. I’ve never had that experience with a senior leader before or since – only with Mr. Bruce and Blake Nordstrom. Perhaps that’s one reason working for Nordstrom has left such an impact on me – the desire to leave a place better than you found it and give everyone the best service experience you can. That’s not a regular value – that’s special!
Blake Nordstrom has been a true, inclusive leader, exemplifying The Nordstrom Way in everything he did. I so enjoyed working under his leadership with Mr. Bruce. This is sad day for Nordys everywhere.
Thank you Blake. I really wish I still worked there so my co-workers would understand this sad loss I feel.

Kate Sherman Snapp