I will miss seeing Blake at Nordstrom; the spirit he embodied and the way he made everyone in his presence smile. He never missed a moment to hold the door, the elevator, or flash you the friendliest smile in the world.

5 years ago I interviewed to come back to the company into the buying offices; I was about 3 years post-grad from college. I’ll never forget waiting in the 6th floor lobby for my interview, nervous as can be – wearing my nicest pair of heels and interview attire. As I sat in the chair in front of the glass door, I saw Blake coming toward the lobby. He opened the door, and said, “I saw those shoes all the way down the hall! That’s the best looking pair of shoes I’ve seen in a LONG time!”

I still wear those shoes from time-to-time, and I never fail to think of him, and how comfortable he made me feel in that very nerve-wrecking moment.

My prayers go out to his family and close loved ones during this terrible time. He was truly a genuine guy – one that everyone will miss.

Jordan Casey