Out of the 18yrs of serving the Great Nordstrom family, I had many encounters with Blake. Back at 523 when I was a Hosiery Manager I was put up a front display of a Spanx Bra. Blake was doing his store walks and it was my turn…. We must have talked about that bra for about 15 minutes(all of the ends and out of it). It was a great visit.

While it was lunch time and Blake was have it with the store manager, a few managers(not me lol) and a few pacesetters. Well when it was over everyone was coming to me saying how Blake talked about that bra for half of the lunch 😳😂. Of course I said your welcome!!
When I left the company(2015) it was a pleasure to work in all of my role I was granted to play because it was fun and if I/we didn’t get the chance to work with such great people like the Nordstrom brothers our life’s would truly be different.
I want to tell his family he will always be with you in your heart, your soul and spirit and when you don’t feel him just read all of our comments, in there is where willhe be!!! We don’t know you well be we loved him so we love you too!!!

Rest well Blake!!!

Jami Q. Brown