I have been employed with Nordstrom since I was 18 years old, and I have been a customer since birth! Blake’s passing has touched me and my family deeply, as we owe much gratitude to the Nordstrom Family. Blake is a truly a leader of a different caliber. I am so lucky to have gotten to have lunch with him last spring in Nashville. He told me that if I was not gaining enough traction for a compensation change I was going after for my employees, that I could call him directly. Let me reiterate…that I could call the President of my company at any time and he would help me with something I needed to achieve for a very small group of employees. Wow, just wow. I will never forget that moment. How it impacted me, or how it reinvigorated my love for this company. He always commanded a room, he always took selfies with everyone, and he always had the best ideas to put our people first. Love and light to the Nordstrom family! We appreciate you and we will continue to honor Blake’s memory through our service.

Chelsea Matamoros