Genuinely saddened by the loss of our fearless leader… last year I hosted a forum with my amazing friend (somewhat scared we’d be fired). It was a room full of black/brown people honestly discussing workplace challenges being diverse in a predominantly white company. He sat in the back and humbly took it all in, then went back to the executive floor and continued the conversation with people beyond our reach but could spark real change. This spun off in to Nordstrom’s Black Employee Network (my greatest work so far) I literally saw this guy take off his shoes and put on ours. And then shared his personal time with us two to ask him anything (so many life gems). There aren’t perfect company’s because there are no perfect people. But what I always appreciated about Nordstrom is the pursuit to try. Try to understand its customers AND the people who work for them; honestly and genuinely, then take that feedback and leave everything better than they found it. You’ll forever be missed Uncle B ✨ #myblakestory

Mia Francois