Mr Bruce and Duane Covey hired me back in the late 70’s to work at place two in Bellevue. I didn’t meet Blake until the 90’s when I was the Director of Care at ATT Wireless. My job was to go across the country and train our employees on extraordinary service. Nordstrom always came up but in certain parts of the country, people were not having the superior customer service that Nordstrom was known for. I called Blake, told him what was happening and the next day he flew out to where I was in the mid-west. We met to discuss how improvements could be made and we were fast friends ever since. I returned to Nordstrom over the years several times – both times calling up Blake, asking to come back and him telling me consider it done. What do you want to do and where was his question…he made it happen. Most recently before Christmas I reached out to him about his diagnosis. He got back to me right away telling me not to worry that he would be fine, he would beat this cancer and looked forward to starting chemo. It took his life before that could happen. I will miss him, his positive attitude and smiling face. RIP – you are loved by many.

Cindy Nolan – worked at store 1- Seattle

Cynthia Nolan