I returned from Bereavement Leave on Thursday 12/12 after losing my mother, a former Nordstrom employee, to ovarian cancer. On that day, I read Blake’s update about his diagnosis and shot off a response with words of encouragement and well wishes. Blake responded to me shortly there after and said that his Mother-in-law had passed in her late 40’s to the same evil disease, and he was so happy that I reached out and shared with him. We shared a few stories back and forth and and I let him know that I had fond memories growing up of my Mother being so excited to work with Mr. Jim and Mr. Bruce. Blake would have been in his 20’s during this time, but he reminisced about that era with fond memories and we shared in some happiness. I never met Blake, but I feel like through this experience I know the type of man he was. A caring, attentive & compassionate philanthropist who will definitely be missed.

My sincere condolences to the entire Nordstrom family.

Devin Tonseth