It’s difficult for me to express how devastated I am that Blake passed away.

Here’s an example of how awesome Blake was:

Our department had a Scavenger Hunt and one thing we needed was a photo with an Exec. I was in a team with two colleagues and we ran up to Blake outside his office and explained what we were doing.

He said “Sure, let’s take the photo with my dad!” Mr Bruce joined in right away.

Another team in the game came up to the glass wall of Mr Bruce’s office and I joked to Blake that he shouldn’t help them. He crossed his arms in a big X and yelled “No! No!” at them!

He took a photo with them, of course, after we all laughed about it.

Another example of how the Nordstroms embody the qualities that infuse our brand. They genuinely care, they always give their best, and they have that elusive quality… real class.

I’ve worked in various companies in various industries and been privileged to be lead by amazing founders and executives. But I’m not exaggerating when I say that the Nordstrom brothers are unique. I’ve always been loyal to the companies I worked for, and fired up about the work I do, and I can see myself having that amazing experience again in other roles during the rest of my career.

But Blake and the brothers aren’t just the Nordstrom family, they make this whole company a family.

I don’t just work at Nordstrom. I am part of Nordstrom.

I send love and caring to Blake’s family and friends.

Remember, amongst so many other things, Blake was fun!

Maryse O'Neill