You hired nice people and taught them skills. No wonder Nordstrom has a better track record for matching singles than any dating website out there. 🙂 My husband, Walt, and I met at the operator’s booth at Southcenter and the rest was history. My first job at Nordstrom was part time right out of college while I searched for my ‘real’ career. I soon discovered a family and friends that grew and grew as Nordstrom became a place to have multiple careers in all areas of the company. The culture you inspired kept us all there. Your commitment to innovation and technology made for an exciting ride. Each interaction with you was uplifting and motivating for me and even if it was via satellite or through a story someone else experienced and shared, your presence was felt. Most of the lessons I learned about being a good person, business, and life came from your teachings, weather directly from you or indirectly through your brothers or other managers that were influenced by you. Thank you. Your lessons go on as I pass them along to my current circle. Even in death, your family did a beautiful job of allowing you to teach us yet a few more lessons at your memorial. Where so many of us who grew up with you were there to feel your presence yet again, not really able to comprehend the loss – too soon Blake. Too soon. May God’s speed be with your family as they live on with your memory and may they feel your strength and heart each time they see a photo of you with your amazing smile.

Marcia Storer