I had the privilege to hear Blake speak on several occasions and he always had a way to capture the audience. Not because he was Blake Nordstrom but because he was so genuine, real, and had this way of making you feel like he was just talking to his friends. During Rec Meetings it was always great to have him guest speak.. hearing him call off every All Stars name, congratulating them and say a few words about them with out taking notes or reading from notes. He listened. he made you feel important. I remember branching with him once as a DM and being so nervous. After my walk of the Beauty floor, him asking me a few questions, I remember thinking how comfortable he made me feel. How in the moment he would be when talking to someone. I remember all the DM’s feeling that way after his visit. He had a smile that would literally light up a room and I feel so fortunate to be a part of his legacy and continue his legacy in and outside of my career with Nordstrom. Thank you Blake Nordstrom.