While i never had the pleasure of working with Blake I have a very fond memory of him. I actually had the pleasure of working with Molly at Nordstrom when they were first dating, about 30 years ago now. Molly was the nicest, sweetest co-worker and we became fast friends. Blake would come by and “visit” her in the department. He was always was so sweet and shy around her. Tilting his head and quietly smiling the minute he caught site of her. I thought, wow, they may be just starting to date, but he is really in love with her. I soon left to open the first east coast branch at Tyson’s Corner and Molly and I lost touch. However, those moments have always stuck with me as he was so different than most of the men I had encountered at the time. Molly and family I am so sorry for your loss but based on what I witnessed I am sure your life was filled with great love and happiness. Love and prayers to you.

Tassie Christopher