In 2012, I was a recovering addict with multiple felony convictions who had just served 3 years in prison on drug charges and was still in the Nashville-Davidson County Drug Court Program, when I was hired (against what I thought were all-odds) by Nordstrom Full Line Store 759 (Nashville), in web-fulfillment. I moved to stock (women’s shoes) then to logistics. I was an Allstar for the 3rd Quarter that year. A year later our store won the President’s Cup and Blake and the brothers came for our big shin-dig. I was working in our tiny logistics office (which was very hard to find) trying to avoid all the ruckus out on the floor for the awards show. This tall guy in a suit stuck his head in the door, smiling, and said “You must be Steve”…He stuck his hand out and said “I’m Blake..” He knew about my Allstar award, who I was, how long I had worked there, and knew about a great deal of my personal history and addiction/recovery story. I was shocked that a CEO of a major company would take the time, let alone, even know who I was. I met him a few more times after that and he never failed to remember my name and ask how I was. He had a good knowledge of addiction and the recovery process, and we always talked about that. For a major company like Nordstrom to give someone like myself a chance, and later on promote me to a management position, was out of the ordinary. I know it was a direct result of Blake Nordstrom and his family. I continued a 5 year career with Nordstrom as a support and sales manager, and now work for another company in the logistics business. I will always cherish my time with Nordstrom, and the opportunities that Nordstrom provided to me. He will be sorely missed….

Steve Antle