There’s a woman who sits outside of Store 1 every morning. Her name is Corrine, and she’s makes extra money for herself by selling copies of Real Change. I talk to her when going to/from the bus tunnel each day.

The day after Blake passed, she said to me, “I heard the news about Mr. Blake. And I am so, so sad – I’ve been crying since I heard the news.

“I have been out here every day for seven years, and Mr. Blake gave me something every single week. And on Thanksgiving, he always gave me a little extra. He said he didn’t want me to go without a Thanksgiving.

“I wish there was something I could do – some way to tell the family how sorry I am. I sure will miss him.”

I am grateful for the opportunity to bring forward Corrine’s story in this forum, a perfect place for celebrating Mr. Blake’s generosity, kindness and compassion for her, and for everyone else whose lives were improved because of him.

Terri Fincham Conner