Blake and Family,

Thank you for sharing your family, values and caring nature with us. I feel so blessed to work for a company where leadership inspires, strives to be kind and do what is right. Not only is this a special way to connect with consumers but also creates a special community to be taken into as an employee. I grew up in Seattle, shopping at Nordstrom and had my first job for the company in High School. I have stayed ever since because of the culture the Nordstrom family, and Blake have created. Few leaders have as much passion for their people and the heart of their business as Blake does. You inspired me to be a servant leader- someone who is willing to do any and every job with their people so they know you have their back. You have inspired me to be kind in the way I treat others- as you valued every connection you made with people in store. You have inspired me to be a better person and showed us all the way you can change the world if you treat every interaction with love, curiosity and kindness- just like you have.

The memorial service this weekend was beautiful and will continue to inspire me to be more like Blake- to put my energy toward others to make their lives better.

I am so sorry to the Nordstrom family for this loss. We lost a special leader much too soon.

Jane Markman