It was very early in my career here at Nordstrom and my first state of the company meeting. Blake had come all the way to Freehold, New Jersey and if I recall correctly rented a Honda civic four door sedan. I was beyond excited to meet Blake and knew with how busy he was that I could only get a minute or two. I wrote out 5 questions and was lucky enough to catch him right as the meeting ended. I will never forget the introduction, “Hi I’m Blake Nordstrom,” shaking my hand with a smile from ear to ear. I immediately jumped into my questions as we rode the escalator from 3 to 2. As we stepped on to the second floor, I explained that I was Loss Prevention and needed to open the store. Blake continued with me to the first floor and as we approached the stores doors demanded that I give him the key. To my astonishment Blake knelt down in his suit and opened the gate and then every single door while walking with me and discussing my life, my career goals, and my interests. I will never forget that moment when Blake who I saw as a celebrity was more interested in me then anything else. I was lucky enough to share this memory with Blake and Mr. Bruce in person at the Vancouver opening as I stood with the keys ready to open the mall doors for the first time.

James O'Brien