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Remembering Blake

Please share your story of Blake. Your thoughts, photos and memories are a testament to who Blake was, how he lived his life and the number of people he inspired. Read Blake’s obituary.

Thank you Blake

There have been so many incredible memories shared about Blake and his legacy. I have found it both inspiring and comforting to read these. Many have shared the professional lessons Blake has taught them over the years. In my 32 years at Nordstrom I too have been blessed with many of those same learnings and...

Laura Janney

Thoughs and Prayers

I have never met Mr. Blake Nordstrom but I have heard great thing about him. My thoughts and prayers are with the Nordstrom family during this difficult time.

Symonie Williams


Like many of us, I was shocked and saddened by Blake’s sudden passing. I had met Blake for the first time in 2000 when I opened the Glendale Rack as HR Manager. Since that time, he has always been so nice and personable whether in person or on the phone. There was always that pause...

Elwin Woo - Century City Store Administrator

Blake being Blake

I have been processing Blake’s passing over the past week, reading peoples’ memories, stories and the sheer outpouring speaks volumes. As many others have stated, you can take a person out of Nordstrom but you can’t take Nordstrom out of the person. Even though I’ve been away for longer than the 16-years I was a...

Michele #18230

My Blake Nordstrom Memory

I met Blake Nordstrom once.He was so kind and Soft spoken.It just made me so proud to work for a company that had such a good approachable family member at the helm .I was deeply saddened to here the news of his illness and untimely death .My thoughts and prayers are with the Nordstrom family...

Jessica Asher - Kinloch Business Manager Dior Nordstrom Tampa

Blake’s leadership transcended the business to focus on the people

Over my Nordstrom career I had the pleasure of interacting with Blake many times in many different roles. The most memorable of those interactions have been as the Store Manager of both Downtown Seattle Rack (#16) and Union Square Rack (#515) where I learned more from Blake in 15 minutes than most teach in an...

Ryan Albrecht

Remembering Blake’s kindness

We were shocked and deeply saddened to hear about Blake’s sudden departure. Although I cannot say to have known him well, I can say that the only time I had the opportunity to speak to him I was impressed by his kindness and genuine interest in making sure that I was, as a Nordstrom agent,...

Giovanni Gambini - Nordstrom Men's Shoes agent in Italy

Master class

I’ve been thinking about what a phenomenal leader Blake Nordstrom was. He gave a master class in associate recognition once while I was working at Nordstrom corporate. One quarter, we were recognizing 8 associates on my team with significant milestone anniversary dates (greater than 20 years). After the meeting agenda was complete – Blake stood...

Teresa Lembeck Frost

Wonderful Presence

My first day at Nordstrom was the same day as a United Way kick-off campaign. Blake was hosting the event for NPG and I remember even 15 years later about his presence. You can assume he was poised given his role in the organization but what was amazing to me was how friendly and kind...

Melody Smith

Blake’s infectious smile

I was very saddened to hear the passing of Blake. He had such an infectious smile and always had a kind word to say. He was at our Oakbrook store a few months ago and I got to personally speak with him. We will deeply miss his presence. Our sincerest condolences to his wife, kids,...

Beth Amendola

Extend Yourself

The two most powerful words in the English language are extend yourself. You can have a better life if you treat others in the manner in which you wish to be treated. Thanks Blake for your extraordinary example! 🙏🏻

An Exceptional Leader with the Best Heart

I had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with Blake during numerous store visits as a Department Manager. When he walked around, Blake always looked as if he was at Disneyland. He was excited to meet customers and team members. Blake had an infectious smile and he was very focused on whoever he was conversing...

Mai Siddiqui

Blake’s Invaluable Lessons & Honoring His Legacy

I feel so lucky to have learned many lessons from Blake. First, and always foremost, was taking care of our people. One of my most meaningful memories with Blake came on a store branching visit. I had invited our District Manager to join us for lunch in-between store visits and Blake asked me, “what about...

Matt Skally

Memories of Blake

I remember meeting Blake at my first Recognition Meeting at the Colma Rack. He is so inspiring to listen too and had so much positive energy . He had the best smile when you talked to him and I also remembered he knew everyone’s names at all of the recognition meetings who got recognition at...

Cindy Wong

Remembering Blake

Remembering Blake and all the memories he brought to us here at Store 150 Tempe, AZ. Sending our thoughts and prayers to all of the Nordstrom Family during this difficult time.

The most contagious smile

I will miss seeing Blake at Nordstrom; the spirit he embodied and the way he made everyone in his presence smile. He never missed a moment to hold the door, the elevator, or flash you the friendliest smile in the world. 5 years ago I interviewed to come back to the company into the buying...

Jordan Casey

Memories of working with Blake

I first knew Blake in early days when he was the buyer/manager of the Fashion Valley Shoe department in San Diego. He was always hands on and spent a lot of time floor watching and greeting customers. I was fairly new on the selling team and, like most commission shoe dogs, I tried making the...

Garth Vance

Thank you, Blake

I have many Blake moments to reflect on like so many others.. I learned the value being a humble leader from him. We are ALL here for the customer. The first time I met Blake I was managing at the Anchorage store.. huge deal when any leaders came to such a remote store- but especially...

Lacy Walker

Thank you for the inspriation!

Like numerous people, I am shocked by the news (it seems so sudden after the announcement), but it has strengthened the pride I have in working for this company & telling people where I work. I never had a personal encounter with Mr. Blake. However, starting employment with this company at the Ebar in store...

Gayle Schwander

People first

In the 12 years I worked for Nordstrom, I spent 10 in the same building as Blake. We saw a lot of the Nordstrom family; they were kinda hard to miss! 😉 but in my last role with the company, I got to work with Blake closely several times, usually on challenging situations, that probably...

Erin Marshall


There are superheroes in the movies like those in the Marvel universe, and then there are real-life superheroes who come along once in a lifetime. Blake was the guardian of our Nordstrom culture, defender of our customers and protector for our employees. He was tough on the little things, because every detail mattered. He pushed...

Michele Love

Can’t choose just one

I’ve been thinking about something to say since I head the news and I can’t find only one single story or interaction that sticks out. So I will say this. Every interaction, conversation, or speech I was present for with Blake made an impact on me. Whether it was how I looked at business, how...

Patti Carbonara, Loss Prevention

Thank you!

As we are all still reeling from the news of Blake’s passing, I am grateful for the time that we had with him. Thank you to Blake for being such a passionate leader who pushed us all to be better, stronger, resilient leaders who are laser focused on PEOPLE. Blake always made time for the...

Brynn Herthel

An amazing human being!

I grew up working at the old Bellevue store before it was in a mall in the 70’s. Started as a gift wrapper, moved into the Brass Plum. Moved into the new Bellevue store and worked next to Blake when he was working in Brass Plum Shoes. I LOVED that the “Nordstrom kids” had also...

Kelley Hanan-Parlette

A True Inspiration on A Job Well Done!

I was an employee from 1991 -2018. Being a part of The Nordstrom family has always been my credo even in retirement. Over the years I met Blake through many store visits in the east coast. That smile was always genuine but you knew he was serious. When your game was on point, he never...

Jacqueline Kirby Davis

Lucky for 30 Years – Thank You Blake

It has taken me a week to process Blake’s passing, gather my thoughts and write them down. I am approaching my 30th Anniversary working for Nordstrom and when you have worked someplace that long, your personal and professional selves become weirdly intertwined. I was just a kid when I walked into Store 420 and started...

Carrie Powell


Be Like Blake On January 4th I was working late at store, 380. It was getting way past closing time and they were not releasing us. People were getting upset and angry and were just uncertain what was happening. It had been a long day of returns and not so many sales after the holiday....

Shelley Nash

Loving Respectful Mr. Blake

Mr. Blake whenever he came to visit our store always came in our department and greeted every body. Such a great and humble personality. It Hearts to see he is gone. May God keep him under his umbrella safe and happy.

David Laungani

Blake, it’s all about the basics…

I was a Nordstrom Shoe Dog from 1989 to 2000. Even though I left the company, the lessons I learned during those years have stayed with me both personally and professionally. Blake visits were always fun, he really tested you on the business and really just by asking questions on the basics. One of his...

Mike Normart

Hi! I’m Blake!

I had seen Blake at a few different State of the Company meetings, but had never actually met him. It was about 13 years ago that I finally met him. I was working at my counter when I see Blake Nordstrom approaching me. I was really nervous and worried that he may ask me questions...

Pam uckley

It’s all in the details

So many wonderful memories of Blake. In 1994 I was the store manager of Tacoma. Blake was my Regional and took me under his wing to teach me the ropes. I decided to ask him to cover for me one day while I was on vacation (brown nosing I guess). We all know his attention...

Tonja Kuntz

A compassionate leader

I opened the store at Somerset Collection and worked Nordstrom for 14 years, always loved it and miss it still! Blake was a compassionate and caring leader who I met many times over my career. When my niece was killed in a tragic car accident, I was away for a couple of weeks….. in a...

Deanna Nellenbach

Leadership, Integrity, Kindness and Authenticity At Its Very Best

When my wife and I first got the news last week of Blake’s passing, we were both shocked and devastated like so many others. Now what remains is an emptiness and heavy heart. To me Blake was the heart and soul of the company. When I think of Nordstrom it’s Blake’s smiling face I see....

Darren and Debbie Jacobsen

A Blessing for Blake and His Family

May the blessing of light be on you, light without and light within. May the blessed sunshine shine on you and warm your heart till it glows like a great peat fire, so that the stranger may come and warm himself at it, and also a friend. And may the light shine out of the...

Netter Hansen

Remembering Blake- one of the best folks you’ll ever know

I’m truly at a loss for words. Blake was one of the very best people I’ve known in my life. It’s hard to express the many times he has been there for me. I’ve known Blake for almost my entire career of 30+ years with the company and have tons of great memories. Blake was...

Laurin Cady

One Customer at a Time

In 1999, Jim Whittaker, was in store 1 signing his new book, “A Life on the Edge”. On my lunch hour I went to get a copy. In line just ahead of me was, Blake Nordstrom. When he got to the front of the line Jim looked up and said to all around, “Can you...

Jace James

Blake on owning the Seahawks

In 2008 Blake came to DC89 in Portland OR to give the State of the Company talk. I asked him if Nordstrom would ever own the Seahawks again. His answer was awesome!

David Evans

Forever Grateful

My thoughts on Blake… It has taken me a week to be able to sit down and write out some of my thoughts about a man who has been so influential in my career and life, Blake Nordstrom. I’m taken by surprise with his sudden passing and how difficult it has been to accept. For...

Fanya Chandler

One last branch visit

I was 22 years old when I decided to leave my home town of East Liverpool Ohio and move to Los Angels. Since I was 7 years old I had told my parents someday I was going to live in Southern California. Why? Palm trees, beach, the Rose Bowl…It’s California! It was also more economically...

Pat McGowan

Blake Story from 1982

My Blake story takes place in 1982. It was Blake’s first buying job at Bellevue, store #4 in Brass Plum Shoes. I was 21, and Blake was 23. What I learned from Blake at that young age has stayed with me for my time at Nordstrom, as well as my footwear vendor career to this...

Andy Larson

Shocking News

Absolutely shocking news today. Blake was a compassionate and inspiring leader who cared deeply for his customers, employees and the community. So many acts of kindness and humility that will never make the pages of any article because he gave selflessly and often – it was who he was and will forever remain in our...

Kylie Allensworth

God Must Need Blake on His Team ” An Archangel”

I will be celebrating 25 years with Nordstrom this September. If you were to ask me who I worked for I would say “Blake Nordstrom”. He is the person who made me a “Believer” He is kind, approachable, honest, and the love he has for the company was obvious. Anytime I heard him speak I...

Debbie Hartwig

Deepest Sympathies

I would like to offer my condolences to the Nordstrom family. I did not know Blake personally, but every time I saw him at NRHL he was always smiling and very personable. Sending my prayers to you all at this time. God Bless.


Blake would visit us at the Distribution Center from time to time and his last time here was about 6 weeks ago. Blake was truly a genuine, kind, and humble man with compassion for every employee! He will be missed by all of us. RIP Blake

Sandra Boyd

My memory of Blake Nordstrom…

I did not really know Blake Nordstrom personally…but I had a couple of limited interactions with Blake and he was indeed a gentleman and I can tell he really did care about employees by our conversations. My favorite memory is when we use to have Prayer Potluck at the flagship store downtown Seattle ran by...

Inspiring Leadership and Loyalty

I first met Blake in 2011 as an intern. I was told I would get to shake his hand and ask a question at the first Rec meeting I went to. I was so nervous, as a college student I was still discovering my professional self. I shook his hand and remember him saying “Wow!...

Caitlin Saylor

My Favorite Memory

I’d known Blake for almost my entire career of 36 years with the company and have tons of memories, but my all time favorite was when he met my youngest daughter when she was about 10. She’s now almost 25. By that time Blake was already on the “green mile.” I happened to be visiting...

Vickie Woo

Thank you, Blake

Dear Blake, Thank you for shining your light on us all. Each of us is better for you having touched our lives. I hope to honor your memory in putting kindness first in all of my actions.